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Contract Logistics

Contract logistics combines many logistics functions into a complex service packageContract Logistics Russia

The service package is based on the customer’s individual wishes and needs and the suppliers of these services are known as third-party logistics providers, or 3PL.

Acting as a 3PL, we handle all the tasks involved in getting the products to their destination quickly and efficiently including:

  • manage incoming orders
  • packing and labelling
  • regulate returns
  • organise payment issues
  • handle customs-related issues
  • perform repairs

Our specialist in-country teams operates 24/7 to deliver national logistic solutions:

Service parts logistics: The process of planning, forecasting and aligning service parts inventories, resources and processes ensures optimal customer service levels with minimal risk and cost. Our established service parts centres provide pre-positioned inventories management, same day and next day deliveries.

After-sales service: Including call centres to take orders, organise deliveries and book maintenance calls, delivery of spares to field engineers or stock rooms, management of returns, screening for re-use or disposal.

Warehousing, storage and local distribution: Enabling our customers to offer quality post-sales service and support.

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