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Customs Clearance

Customs Clearance is a very important component of international freight movement. Our in-house brokers are able to provide customers with timely, accurate advice on documents and the procedures required to ensure efficient processing of customs formalities.

We are a licensed customs brokers, this enables us to issue a customs declaration and file it on behalf of an importer or exporter.

We pride ourselves on providing the most efficient cross-border transportation solutions for our import and export customers achieved by:

  • seamless co-ordination of transport and customs documentation
  • advance preparation of documentation
  • professionalism, experience & knowledge of the local teams.

This also has the benefit of ensuring that third party expenses – terminal storage, equipment detention fees – are kept to a minimum.

 The Customs Clearance services we offer include:

  • Import, export and transit filing with customs
  • Customs declarations
  • Electronic filing
  • Pre-clearance
  • Calculation of taxes and duties
  • Advancement of taxes and duties
  • Advice on documentation and paperwork audit
  • Proof of Export documentation
  • Registration of importer or exporter at customs post
  • Physical inspections
  • Simplified filing
  • In-bond movement
  • Fiscal Representation in EU
  • Temporary Import or Export


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