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Importer of Record

An Importer of Record is the entity responsible for:Importer of Record Russia

  • Ensuring the imported goods comply with local laws and regulations,
  • Filing a completed duty entry and associated documents and
  • Paying the assessed import duties and other taxes on those goods.

Import regulations vary from country to country and the regulatory environment of many countries is diverse and complex, therefore the IOR may often have more responsibilities than in other jurisdictions.

For businesses looking to import goods we offer cost-effective solutions to companies who do not have a direct presence, but would like to import their products and provide an after sales support service to their customers.

Services offered as an Importer of Record:

  • Complete compliance assessments
  • Act as the importer for customs and taxation declaration purposes at the time of import
  • Act as the exporter for customs declaration purposes at the time of export
  • Prepare reports for Customs, Tax and other state agencies, take responsibility for legal compliance
  • Obtain necessary import licences and permits
  • Maintain records for the minimum duration required by the customer and under local Law
  • Pay all import and export duties and taxes
  • Provide storage and warehousing service, if required by customer.





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